Leavitt settlement wont be paid by student fees

The $2.75 million settlement between former USF football coach Jim Leavitt and the University called for both parties to decline to comment on the agreement, providing a vague understanding of where the necessary funds would come from.

On Jan. 11, the day all parties reached the settlement, University spokesman Michael Hoad said the University would pay Leavitt the sum through the athletics budget by using “non-state funds.”

Though the athletics budget is largely funded by student fees, University spokeswoman Lara Wade said in an e-mail that, “the settlement will be paid by athletic department generated revenues, including ticket sales, multimedia rights and USF’s conference distribution. State funds, student fees and privately raised funds (donations) are not used to fund settlements.”

Because every fund in the athletics budget has its own set of regulations, she said that it is not possible for student fees to be paid to Leavitt.

“No money is intermingled,” Wade said. “Everything is divided up very specifically.”

According to the settlement, Leavitt must be paid within 20 business days of Jan. 11.

– Staff Report