Jackass 3D brings the series traditional shock-factors to life

The mantra among audiences of the “Jackass” series has always been simple: come without expecting much and you will not leave disappointed.

In “Jackass 3D,” the Twenty-First Century slapstick gang, known best for their lowbrow humor and abuse of the male anatomy, is back in its latest feature that is sure to keep fans of the series content, no matter how nauseated they become in the process.

And do not think the term “nauseated” is being used lightly. It would not be surprising if the studio shipped barf bags along with the 3-D eyewear to pass out to audiences. Take that as fair warning to anyone who is squeamish, easily-offended or has less than a wrought-iron stomach.

The film uses every square inch of its ‘R’ rating, utilizing the added visual dimension in all its feces-tossing, pain-inducing glory. As expected, stunts like “Beehive Tetherball” and “Lamborghini Tooth Pull” tend to jump off the screen in 3-D, while other stunts make you wonder if you accidentally sat in the splash zone of some deranged, modern-day vaudeville.

Jeff Tremaine, producer and director of the “Jackass” trilogy, discussed in a conference call on Oct. 1 with college media what audiences could expect from the addition of 3-D.

“It feels like you’re right in the middle of a stunt (or prank) with us,” Tremaine said. “It really elevated the movie to a whole other level.”

“And it just makes a dumb idea even dumber,” said “Jackass” front man Johnny Knoxville.

As usual, audiences have responded to “Jackass 3D” with astounding ticket sales.

The third feature film of the former MTV show is contributing to the trend of successful sequels at the box office. “Jackass 3D” opened at number one on Oct. 15 and brought in a domestic total of $87.1 million in only its second week, according to the Los Angeles Times. This weekend it fell to the number two spot, behind the release of another sequel, “Paranormal Activity 2.”

Whatever the reason for its continued success, it is clear that the “Jackass” bunch has raised the bar for the traditional, Three Stooges slapstick routine higher than their Porta-Potty on a bungee cord.

If you are a fan of the series, seeing “Jackass 3D” is a no-brainer. However, all others should be forewarned that something of a lighter fare might be a better option for date night.