Senators raise concerns over new Supervisor of Elections

After a heated discussion in Tuesday night’s Student Government (SG) Senate meeting, Christopher Leddy was elected Supervisor of Elections (SE) by a vote of 17-10-1.

Before he was elected, senators were puzzled by Leddy’s qualifications for the position. Many were outraged.

“That is bullsh-t,” said College of Education senator Rachel Brown. “Putting Leddy in charge of our elections is like allowing the fox to run the hen house. He has done nothing but criticize and attempt to destroy Student Government since he walked on the USF campus … Christopher Leddy will turn our elections to sh-t.”

College of Arts and Sciences senator Adam Oldfield said he’s had previous struggles with Leddy.

“To say I have a few reservations about this candidate is an understatement. (It’s more like) a waterfall,” he said. “I just don’t think he’s the best candidate to deal with this drama because he has been the source of drama. He came in and threw down our statutes and stomped all over them. That’s like going into a religious organization and stomping on their bible. I don’t think that’s forgivable.”

Leddy’s previous involvement with SG has been a source of controversy. In May, the senior double majoring in political science and history, accused the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life of funding its program through illegal means.

“I think it’s important to understand that that is something that happened in the past, and I’m coming here before you as a humbled man, asking for your confirmation because I am willing to move forward and work with the members of Senate,” Leddy said.

Earlier this year, Leddy, who ran for student body president twice, was involved in filing an impeachment of former SG Attorney General Cordell Chavis.

“When I was attorney general, he was probably the biggest issue I ever had to deal with,” Chavis said. “He had no respect for anyone. He came into the SG chambers, threw the statutes down and filed an impeachment on me. Then, during the election against my fraternity brother, (Juan Soltero of Delta Chi), he lit one of the A-frames on fire … and threw it into (Castor) lake. He also went around and altered chalk so it read “shady politics” during the election.”

However, Leddy did find some fans among the senators.

“We have gone out of our way to encourage people to be involved with SG,” said College of Arts and Sciences senator Joanne Brown, “and Leddy is now here asking to be involved. I think he’s qualified for this position, so we should let him have it.”

In his speech, Leddy said he would like to make up for his past, and “go to all the Greek chapters on campus to encourage and tell them about SG elections,” along with visiting every club and organization on campus.

“Regardless, whether I differ from you politically, one thing you can’t deny is that I work hard,” Leddy said during the meeting. “And I promise I will do just that.”