Listeners go up, down and Sideways for Citizen Cope

Promoting his latest album, The Rainwater LP, released earlier this year, Citizen Cope filled Jannus Live to capacity Friday night.

More than 700 listeners went wild over the unique blend of hip-hop and folk that Cope presented. Cope was the perfect choice for the venue, which recently reopened.

While most concerts usually have opening acts, Cope had none, which meant the audience didn’t have to sit and wait for him and there was no major tour pressure.

As the band walked onstage, the crowd was already yelling and requesting songs.

Girls in the front row were a clear example of how the audience was in sync with one another and the music that resonated in their ears as they collectively sang along.

After every song, the crowd seemed to cheer and sing louder – even as the two-hour set came to a close. With sensual and melancholy vocals, “Sideways” was a crowd hit both times it was played.

Whether it was from Cope’s latest album or past songs, the crowd responded positively to them all by singing along throughout the set.

From heavy keyboards to the acoustic guitar, Cope mixed the set between old and new songs.

Brilliance lies in simplicity, and the band utilized this notion throughout the show. There wasn’t a body unmoved by the rhythms. Cope’s smooth, flowing music, paralleled in greatness by his lyrics, increased the show’s energy – even toward the end.

Spending an evening with Citizen Cope is a moment worth remembering. While the music isn’t heavy on any specific instrument, it’s definitely worth a good listen.