Library undergoes million-dollar renovations

The USF Library is getting a makeover.

Whether it’s remodeling the structure of the building’s layout, fixing some electrical problems or extending its hours, the library is experiencing plenty of much-needed changes, according to students and university officials.

Student Government (SG) Vice President Bruno’Portigliatti said two of the changes include new furniture and more electric outlets.

‘They are adding round tables ‘hellip; round booths on the first floor so (students) can work in groups,’ he said. ‘The tables will have a huge”U’ sign.’

More electric outlets in the lobbies will provide improved access to power for’students who use laptops, said Tom Cetwinski, Director of Administrative Services.

‘That would be more convenient to have more plugs, (but) not very energy-efficient,’ said Alicia Berta, a graduate student in social work. ‘That would encourage more people to go to the library.’

New carpet will be installed, too. But Cetwinski said the color has not been determined, though he said a brighter color would help ‘brighten up the place up and make it more inviting.’

‘Within in the next couple of weeks you’ll see one spot of the floor that will have a new finish on it in the lobby,’ he said. ‘We are going to be’testing out different kinds of floor coverings.’

David Delisle, a senior majoring in interpersonal Communications who uses the library frequently to study, said change in flooring is needed.

‘Some rooms are kind of ratty and have a mildew smell to them,’ he said. ‘If they are going to spend money, I think the library is something they need to spend money on.’

The University is using’$1 million of Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO) funds from the state for part of the USF Student Success program, Cetwinski said. All of that money has gone to renovate the library, Portigliatti said.

The library has already implemented new hours,’keeping the first floor open’24 hours Sunday-Thursday. When SG discussed the’24/5 project with the library’s’administration, they also shared renovation plans, Portigliatti said.

Cetwinski said that a majority of the renovations would take place on the first floor.

‘It’s really important that these changes take place because 24/5 right now is on the first floor of the library,’ Cetwinski said. ‘It’s not extended to all the floors. So we have to make sure that the first floor will suffice for all students that come in.’

Administration began planning the renovations last fall semester, and are still in the planning stages,’Cetwinski said.

Cetwinski said that a majority of the construction will take place during the end of the spring semester and’throughout the summer semester, when traffic in the library is minimal.

The sections of the library that are undergoing renovations will be ‘sectioned off’ so the remaining areas can be utilized, he said.

‘We don’t want to disrupt too much during the’semester,’ he said. ‘At the end of the spring semester that is when we will start (construction), so it should be completed by the fall.’