Senate decision not needed in payroll fund transfer

The Student Government executive branch won’t need senate approval to transfer money from the payroll budget to fund student buses to the Florida State-USF football game later this month, said SG Attorney General Cordell Chavis.

Chief Financial Officer Shane Johnson said Tuesday that the executive branch would request the transfer at the senate meeting today.

According to SG Statutes, however, if funds needed for a project are less than 10 percent of the payroll portion of the executive branch budget, it does not need the senate’s approval.

The executive branch will transfer $7,000 to fund the project: $6,000 for six buses, $600 for security on the trip and $400 for unexpected costs.

All funds appropriated by SG are made up of Activity and Service fees paid by students.

Johnson said Tuesday that the executive branch originally planned to request more funds from senate, rather than take it from payroll.

Senate President Pro Tempore Matthew Diaz said he appreciates that the executive branch is using its own resources.

“Taking it out of their executive budget was a great way for them to really have this program go on without impacting other students,” Diaz said.

Senator Zain Nensey said he is pleased with the executive branch’s decision to transfer the funds from payroll to projects.

“I’m glad that they’re living up to the promises that they made and that they’re trying to restore some trust in the student body,” Nensey said.

Student Body Vice President Bruno Portigliatti said he came up with the project as a way of helping students travel to FSU safely.

Portigliatti said students are chosen to ride the bus based on the USF Athletics Loyalty Points system, where students have an opportunity to earn points for attending various USF athletic events.

Students will be able to use the bus service for free and have the option to request seats when they purchase their game tickets, Portigliatti said.

Portigliatti said the buses are going to leave from USF the day of the game and return to USF the same day.

“We already have about 300 requests,” Portigliatti said. “From all the requests that we get, we will choose the ones with the most loyalty points.”