University implements new job application process

Students can use USF’s new online recruiting system, Careers@USF, to help find jobs on campus.

The Web site,, launched Aug. 3. It is similar to and will make it easier for students to search and apply for on-campus jobs, said Nancy Wisgerhof, associate director of Human Resources (HR).

Wisgerhof said Careers@USF will also allow applicants to track the status of their applications.

“Career seekers will be able to apply for jobs online and can store their application, making it faster and easier to apply for multiple jobs,” Wisgerhof said. “They’ll also be able to get updates on the progress of their recruitment.”

While most jobs will be advertised through the HR department, some jobs that are not paid by USF, such as positions with Aramark and Embassy Suites, may be advertised through the Career Center.

The new database will centralize most on-campus employment opportunities and make searching for them easier, Wisgerhof said.

Drema Howard, director of the Career Center, said students looking for a job on campus should network in addition to using Careers@USF, because some departments don’t advertise job openings.

Katie Andress, a graduate student who works at the Career Center, said working on campus was convenient when she was an undergraduate student.

Faith Swartz, a junior biomedical science major who works in the bookstore, said working on campus helps her because she can work between her classes and keep her parking spot all day.

Wisgerhof said students should not delay when applying for jobs on campus.

“Many employers will hire the first qualified applicant they find,” she said.

Howard said it is important for students to present themselves in a professional manner when applying for jobs.

“Know what you bring to an employer, and distinguish yourself,” Howard said.

Students will also have an opportunity to meet employers, submit resumes and possibly get hired on the spot at the Part-time Job Fair on Sept. 10, which will we held be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the breezeway of the Student Services building.