T-shirt exchange attempts to strengthen school spirit

Student Government’s monthly T-shirt exchange program allows students to bring in T-shirts from other universities and trade them for a USF shirt. SG then sends the other universities’ shirts to charities in their city of origin.

The exchange was started last semester, when SG members drove around campus on golf carts in search of students wearing clothing from rival colleges, said Caitlin Butler, SG traditions coordinator.

SG offered to trade USF shirts for the rival tees, she said, but this was met with some reluctance, as people were not comfortable with undressing in the middle of campus.

SG Marketing decided a better method of exchange was necessary, so it devised a new plan.

Now, on the day of the exchange, SG representatives set up a booth at the Marshall Student Center to offer students an opportunity to show their school spirit.

The first exchange of this semester took place Wednesday outside the North Marshall Student Center entrance. 

To date, about 60 shirts have been collected and given away, Bulter said.

“We decided on donating all the shirts to the respective cities at the end of the semester,” Butler said. “For example, a UCF shirt will get donated to a charity in Orlando.”

The program aims to get students more excited about their university, said James O’Hara, SG Administrative Services property comptroller.

“One of the main and most important goals of SG is to foster student involvement and interest at USF,” he said.

SG Director of Marketing and Public Affairs Nathan Davison said wearing school colors and apparel is a simple and popular way to show school spirit.

“It gives people a sense of pride in their university — it recognizes USF as their alma mater,” Davison said. “When people take pride in their university, it’s reflected in things they do. They’re not just going to the school; they are a part of it.”

The next T-shirt exchange is Feb. 25 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.