George Bush: true servant of America

Seven years later: no terrorist attack.
No one expected the country to remain untouched by terrorist attacks after Sept. 11, 2001. Sadly, the country has taken its freedom, its security and, of course, George W. Bush for granted.

Someday soon, people will come to appreciate the policies that Bush upheld — and that kept the country safe.

Yes, there was an economic crisis during his term, but I challenge anyone to produce a rational explanation of how Bush or any of his conservative policies caused the credit crisis. Indeed, it was the corruption of Wall Street executives along with a natural cycle of growth and recession.

The overconfidence of the new president is quite disappointing.  Taking a train to the capital for the inauguration as Lincoln did and swearing on his Bible? What has Obama actually accomplished to equate himself with such a leader? It seems arrogant for him to already be comparing himself to one of America’s greatest presidents. If Lincoln, the first Republican president, could hear Obama’s tax and foreign policy, he would turn over in his grave. Before being sworn in, Obama was already claiming that he would “heal the nation.” Heal the nation from what?

Yes, the economy is in a recession, but that’s something America can recover from in time. If Obama spends his way out of this economic crisis by giving tax breaks to those who don’t even pay taxes and using more than a trillion dollars in federal spending, this country will spiral into an economic mess that makes this one look like nothing.

Liberals complain about the recession without any objection to the $150 million price of Obama’s inauguration — compared to the $40 million used for Bush’s in 2004, when people claimed Bush spent too much and should’ve given the money to poor countries.

This call for a “united” America must work both ways. It’s only when liberal Democrats are in power that they want a “united” America. When Bush was in office, they eschewed unity. Obama preposterously spoke in his inaugural address of choosing “hope over fear.” Have Americans been in “fear” under Bush? If anything, his clear focus on national security kept fear at bay.

I’m sorry if I haven’t bought my commemorative Obama coin or T-shirt. Watching people scream “Obama, Obama!” in the streets reminded me again that this election was based not on domestic or foreign policy but celebrity status. That’s what Obama is: a celebrity.

Liberals fail to give Bush credit for his accomplishments. Bush is not leaving Obama with a mess — he’s leaving the country safer and more equipped to keep itself secure. He promoted freedom for people all over the world. His policies heavily weakened al-Qaida, and Iraq is inches from a peaceful democracy. Last year, Joe Biden himself credited Bush’s global President’s Emergency Action Program for HIV/AIDS with “(saving) more than a million lives,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Who cares if America has lost prestige in the eyes of some Europeans and Middle Eastern leaders? They were never fond of America in the first place. People all around the world — especially in Africa — respect and cherish the United States. Why do people risk their lives to immigrate into this country? It’s because America is still a beacon of freedom to the world — not the horrid country that liberals have made it seem under Bush.

Regardless of what many may say, Bush was a man of justice and honesty — someone who served his country blessed by almighty God. He was not a politician, but a man seeking the greater good of his country. He can truly return home knowing that he abided by his principles to lead the nation in good conscience. The man is a patriot who toiled for America to give it everything he could.

As Bush said in his farewell address, “The first decade of this new century has been a period of consequence — a time set apart.”

Truly, in the past decade there was no man better suited for office than President George W. Bush.

Chris Girgis is a senior majoring in biomedical science.