Single mothers are not ruining America

Attacks have been waged on single mothers. The weapons of choice: Implements of destruction in the form of vacuous diatribes from self-righteous and unsympathetic pundits and politicians:

Ann Coulter wrote in her book Guilty : Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America, “Look at almost any societal problem, and you’ll find it is really a problem of single mothers.”

Emily Yoffe of Slate magazine called out-of-wedlock births a “national catastrophe.”

Colorado State Rep. Larry Liston said during a GOP caucus lunch that covered issues regarding teen pregnancy: “In my parents’ day and age, (single mothers) were sent away, they were shunned, they were called what they are. There was at least a sense of shame. There’s no sense of shame today. Society condones it … I think it’s wrong.They’re sluts.”

While some statistics show higher crime rates among children raised by single mothers, one must not confuse correlation with causation. An innumerable amount of factors contribute to the environment in which a child is raised.

It is intuitive that more good would come from efforts put forth to mentor children, rather than attacking their mothers’ circumstances.

Single mothers are not bad parents merely by being unwed. It is unreasonable to determine a person’s value and character based on marital status — but these false characterizations and speculations are foundational to the argument that single mothers are ruining America.

Emphasizing the nuclear family’s additional parental support is one thing — admonishing single mothers is quite another.

If those so adamantly slandering single mothers put as much effort into trying to reform social welfare and education programs, perhaps our “national catastrophes” could be remedied, at least in part.
Unfortunately, all they seem to contribute is empty criticism and finger-pointing.

It serves no sustainable good to look down on mothers without husbands. Shaming those in fatherless families solves nothing. People so concerned for children’s welfare should consider supporting rather than shunning them.

Venomous words serve no purpose other than alienating and disparaging a group based on false generalizations.

A positive — and perhaps more valid generalization — would be that many single mothers want only the best for their children.