Vicarious Voyeurism

In today’s age of cyberspace it seems everyone has a blog, including celebrities. Blogs give ‘normal’ people a chance to see how human – or in some case inhuman – celebrities are. Here is a list of some of the best, the worst and the in-between of celebrity blogs around the net.

Jenna Fischer:

The Office’s Jenna Fischer’s blog is as honest and sweet as her character, Pam Beesley. It’s refreshing to see a talented, level-headed actress in Hollywood. She doesn’t hide from gossip, like when she explains her fall in which she broke four bones this summer and her separation from her husband, James Gunn. She even posted pictures of herself with some of her co-stars right after her injury. She was looking a bit drugged, watching the season finale of The Office in her hotel room. In her latest entry, she talks about her experience at the Emmys. She admits that the awards didn’t really go The Office’s way, as she lost the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series to Jaime Pressly of My Name is Earl. She also defends the dress that placed her on a few worst-dressed lists: “I know, I know … the bow was as big as my head. BUT…I loved it! It was flowy and silky and … did I mention that I LOVED it! I saw Tim Gunn (of Bravo’s Project Runway) on the red carpet and he said that he liked it. So, I have that.”

Grading: A+

Zach Braff:

Actor and director Zach Braff’s blog is sometimes amusing, like him. It’s perfect for fans wanting to stay abreast of Braff’s latest projects, like his voiceovers for Wendy’s. “Yes, I am the voice of Wendy’s. I’m actually dressed as Wendy as I type this,” he said.

Braff, the Grammy Award winner for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album, also includes a list of music he is listening to. The artists on the top of his list are Little Running Children and The New Pornographers. The only thing lacking from the blog is updates. Apparently, Braff has a good reason. “There has been so much going on and I can procrastinate better than anyone in the world,” he said. “We could probably hold a procrastination contest, but we’d never actually get around to planning it.”

Grading: B

Britney Spears:

After she shaved her head, spent time in rehab, made a fool of herself on the MTV’s Video Music Awards and lost her kids, one would expect Spears’ blog to have a little more remorse in it. Sadly, the Web site just gives lame excuses for the insanity that is Spears. In February 2007 she attacked an SUV with an umbrella. Four months later she explained why she did it.

“I was preparing my character for a role in a movie where the husband never plays his part, so they switch places accidentally,” she said. “I take all my roles very seriously and (I) got a little carried away. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the part.” Though her bizarre excuses may be entertaining, the blog is not updated often and the archives are deleted.

Grade: D

Lily Allen:

The British singer’s blog is written like a middle school girl’s instant message conversation. Though the blog sometimes lacks correct grammar, capitalization and spelling, it is still honest and candid. For instance, Lily Allen includes amateurish photos of her concerts, VIP events and other situations that paparazzi would love to have access to, including a Chanel show where she was seated between Jessica Alba and the Olsen twins.

She is not afraid to speak poorly of her fellow celebrities. Allen wrote in her May 28, 2007 entry: “After that we went to this club called Les Deux, and that was really fun untill Lin(d)say Lohan arrived and had us thrown off our table(.) I know she(‘)s a huge star an(d) all, and famous people deserve to sit down, especially when they’ve been working so hard, but whatevs. Lind(s)ay, our thoughts are with you as you go through this difficult time in your life (she got arrested this weekend). In the words of Timbaland and Timberlake, ‘what goes around …'”

Grading: A-

Paris Hilton:

Surprisingly, Hilton’s blog is randomly updated with mostly self-promotional entries when she does post. The entries sound more like press releases; in fact, her birthday party announcement was one. Most entries are written in third person.

There was not a word about her time in jail or her scandals. However, in a July entry she wrote, “I’m back from my much-needed vacation in Maui. It was so beautiful and relaxing. But it’s good to be home again.” Apparently, jail was exhausting.

Grade: F