Going green while saving green

Dana Weissmann, a visual arts major (back), and Heather Blalock, a secondary education major (front), sign up for free shirts from the Bay Area Commuter Services (BACS) on Thursday during “Ride Green Day.” ORACLE PHOTO/JOSE LOPEZ JR.

USF, in conjunction with Bay Area Commuter Services (BACS), promoted the 11th annual “Commuter Choices Week” on Thursday with the alternative transportation event “Ride Green Day.”

Vendors from BACS, HARTline, the Carrollwood Bike Emporium and Bull Runner handed out brochures between the Sun Dome and Business Administration building with the hopes of educating students about biking, carpooling and bus routes available around campus.

Julia Murray, public administration graduate student, said she rides her bike to school and work at the Alumni Center about three times a week because she is in favor of not driving cars.

Julie Bond, research assistant for CUTR, said “Ride Green Day” was meant to inform students that there are options other than driving.

“It’s good for the environment and it’s good for the campus,” she said.