Former instructor files suit against University

Former instructor Mark LeFever filed suit against the University on Sept. 7 alleging that he was forced by supervisors to sign off on classes he didn’t teach, according to court documents.

LeFever – who worked as an assistant engineer then an electrical engineer for the Physics department from 1997 to 2005 – claims supervisors intentionally misled him into signing grade sheets, then threatened to fire him if he refused. He also claims they failed to pay him for the classes he did teach.

Unqualified people were teaching the courses, according to LeFever, and administrators wanted to create a “paper trail” to a qualified instructor. Fearing a loss of accreditation due to a lack of qualified instructors teaching classes, they approached LeFever to sign off on the grade sheets, he stated in court documents.

LeFever -who filed suit in Hillsborough County – is seeking civil compensation of more than $15,000 for

lost wages.

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