Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Apple continually updates their media and wireless technology. New versions of its most popular products come out so often it can be difficult for consumers to keep up. Have no fear, faithful readers – Montage is here to keep you abreast of Apple’s cutting edge technology.

The Apple store in International Mall looks like it was designed to match its products’ clean, sleek image. Hardwood floors, simple yet sharp displays and hip-looking employees give you the impression that you’re about to buy something very cool. If you go to

Apple.com, you have the option of scheduling a personal shopping appointment and a customer service representative will be waiting to assist you personally for up to an hour as soon as you walk in the door. The store was packed, but manager Wayne Traina was able to take a few minutes and answer some questions.

First up was the new iPod nano. It’s fresh on the shelves with a few new features, including a bigger (2.5 inch) screen, a new design with additional colors, longer battery life and the capacity to play video. The price has been recently discounted, too. It’s now $149 for the 4-gigabyte and $199 for the 8-gigabyte version.

The exact date of the iPod touch’s debut in stores isn’t known yet, but it will be a few days after Sept. 28. This version will feature an iPhone-esque touch-screen display, a 3.5-inch screen and WiFi capacity so users can download songs directly from the iTunes store. The 8-gigabyte model will set you back $299 and the 16-gigabyte will cost $100 more.

Perhaps the most impressive new gadget is the recently re-released iMac. The entire processor is contained in a 20-inch flat screen monitor (a 24 inch version is also available). This extraordinary machine comes Bluetooth- and wireless-ready with a 2.3 megapixel camera. The basic model costs $1,199, but you can spend up to $600 more on sweet extras like a faster processor and an enormous screen.

Apple products’ image has evolved over the past few years from vibrant colors to plain white, and now to a more professional, chromed-out look. The newer products are made out of eco-friendlier, more readily biodegradable plastic and high-grade aluminum.

Recently some customers have become irate over the $200 price decrease on the iPhone. In response, Steve Jobs has offered a substantial discount to customers who bought their phone within 14 days of the price break. Anyone who missed the cutoff can still receive a $100 store credit, but come on, people. If you want to be the first to have the coolest new toys, you’ve got to be willing to pay the price.

For more information visit

Apple.com or call the International Mall store at 813-354-3868.