Final senate meeting filled with laughter, farewells

The crowd may have been small, but the laughs were big at this year’s final Student Government senate meeting.

The unscheduled meeting was called so that this year’s senators would have one final chance to say their goodbyes before next term’s senate takes over for the summer session.

“This year, my main goal was to try to carry this branch (legislative branch) with a little more respect,” senate President-elect Nathan Davison said. “I am very excited to continue in this position as senate president. We’ve had incredible opportunities in front of us and have been met with a lot of challenges.”

Many senators took the opportunity to give their final committee reports and share a couple of laughs with peers. Senators joked with each other and reminisced on the experiences they have encountered over the past year.

“The Forum this year was equally successful (as previous years),” Organizational Outreach Chair Natasha Bui said. “I had amazing committee members.”

Other senators gave parting advice for their successors.

Internal Affairs committee Chair Jason Taylor spoke about an initiative to collect pennies to subsidize the cost of tuition for students who need extra help.

“We’re calling it Common Cents,” Taylor said. “Need-based financial aid is not going to happen. We need to get off our asses and do something about it.”

Bui said one of her main goals for SG was to become more visible to the student body, and although she isn’t returning for the following term, she hopes they will continue toward this objective.

In the end, most senators were in agreement that this term was productive and successful.

“It was a good building year,” senator Chirag Vijapura said. “In the upcoming years, senate will have more of a say in the day-to-day activities of the University.”