Nearly 25 years ago, I continued my career in higher education (which began as an instructor in political science in 1967 in West Virginia) by abandoning the winters of Ohio and coming to the University of South Florida.

In those nearly 25 years, I have seen eight presidents and interim presidents come and go, a number of deans, assistant deans and directors do the same and have advised and/or taught nearly 15,000 students.

Many changes have occurred at this University – many good, some not so good – but throughout all of them, USF has grown to become a respected center of higher education in Florida and the United States, and I have had the good fortune to meet and work with some of finest faculty, staff and students I have encountered in my career.

Now it is time for me to “change again” and start a new path in retirement. It has been a distinct pleasure to be part of this University. Adios, amigos!

Jim Cebulski is a former academic adviser/counselor and instructor at USF’s Center for Academic Advising.