Simply Chic: Wearing jeans the right way

Jeans are a staple in almost every wardrobe. They are easy to match with any top, shoe or occasion. However, people don’t always wear denim in the most flattering way.

Walking around campus, I see people wearing jeans that are too big, too small, too old or with the wrong outfit. While jeans are an easy piece to work with, one still needs to know some basic tips to find the best fitting jeans.

Everyone’s body type is different, and there are a million different jeans for every curve. This can make jean shopping tedious and frustrating. One may be between sizes, the length might be too short or the waist a bit too tight, but there are ways to avoid this.

Movie and a Makeover on has a list of tips from expert Charla Krupp, executive editor of Shop Etc. magazine.

If you are struggling to find something to fit your tummy and hips, Krupp suggests a trouser-style jean with a mid rise, not a low rise. The mid rise will help hold in your tummy, and the style will give your hips and waist the slim appearance you are looking for. Want to make your legs look long and slender? Choose a slim and straight fit with a dark wash and a plain style.

Now for the most important body part – the backside. For those who need a little boost, Krupp says triangle button pockets are “a Miracle bra for the behind.” And for those who want to hide a bit of their backside, she says to keep the pockets simple and the rinse dark.

Shoes can also be challenging to find, especially with the rising trend of the skinny-leg jean. “Shop Etc. magazine’s new rule of fashion: The skinnier the jean, the skinnier the shoes; the wider the leg opening, the chunkier the shoe,” Krupp said.

So when wearing super slender denim, make sure to find a super-slender shoe. For the skinny jeans, pick a simple, low-heeled shoe with a pointy toe, and for more of a straight leg you should also choose a slim heel. A bootleg or trouser jean should be paired with a chunkier shoe such as a platform or boot. For an extra trendy look in the colder months, you can wear your skinny jeans tucked into a knee-high boot.

The Web site gives 16 different fits for any occasion. The classic or regular fit is perfect for a casual day with a straight or tapered leg and a light wash. The boot cut goes great with boots and chunkier shoes and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The easy fit offers more room in the leg.

Guys, these rules also apply to you. The days of baggy jeans are over. Men are now wearing more fitted jeans. Wear a light wash for a casual look or a dark wash for a clean-cut look. It is no longer appropriate to see anything below the belt. Graphic T-shirts and jeans are great for any occasion and in the winter months can be paired with a blazer. Button downs are a classic and simple way to dress up any pair of jeans. Just remember: No one wants to know what color your boxer briefs are, so wear a belt.

Jeans are an essential part of any wardrobe, especially with the winter months approaching. For a complete wardrobe, one should aim to have at least three or four pairs of great jeans in different styles. So next time you are shopping, keep these rules in mind so you can avoid the hassle of trying on too many pairs of the wrong jeans.