Letters to the Editor

Re: “Chivalry isn’t dead, it’s just on hiatus,” by Suzanne Parks, Sept. 28.

Suzanne Parks seems to believe that, due to feminism, manners and chivalry have disappeared from our society. However, respect and manners are encouraged by feminism. The guy who did not hold the door for her did not have manners, period. There is a huge difference between feminism and not being polite.

Parks brings up manners such as a man offering his coat to a lady when she is cold. What if he is cold, too? I know many women who would not offer their coats to a man if they were both cold, so why should the man do it?

I want to argue that people make the decision on whom they date. If your partner calls you a “bitch” and does not come to your door, then it is your responsibility to find someone who respects you. It is not feminism that turned the badass into a jerk. On the contrary, radical feminism deals with equality in the home and intimate relationships.

Another point that I want to argue is men not knowing what women want anymore. Men will never know what women want and vice versa. This is simply because every individual is different. Therefore, it is impossible to know what men or women want.

Parks is generalizing men and women. If we were to generalize, American society could easily say that all women want is money and all men want is sex, which is totally incorrect. Parks is talking about men and women as if they were two totally different things. Perhaps we should treat each other as human beings and not put up barriers due to our sex.

Maria Gonzalez is a sophomore majoring in theater performance.