Letters to the Editor

Jackson gives back to fans after game

I am a student and die-hard Bulls fan. You may see my car, the BullDozer2, driving around campus. I am a member of two of the craziest fan bases on campus, the Student Bulls Club and the Beef Studs. Both organizations arrive hours before the games to get a coveted spot in the first row. The first row is great, but with this location also comes the entrance for the opposing team. This can either be quite fun if USF is winning, or quite crappy if USF is losing. Saturday evening brought back that nasty taste to students’ mouths.

Though this was a tough game, the loss isn’t what Bulls fans should remember. Instead, they should remember the players. It is time for students to come behind the Bulls and support them as they grow and overcome obstacles. In the student section, I watched season ticket holders pouring out of the stadium with five minutes left in the game, and after the game I watched the players head back to the locker room with disappointment, all except one.

Amarri Jackson was the only USF player to come over to the stands where the students were to give the fans a high-five and thank them for coming out.

I would like to say something to the USF coaches and team: This is what it is all about! The students are your biggest supporters, and they win and lose right there with you.

The student section gets bigger and bigger with every game, and the fans are ready to take it to the next level. Are you? I know one player is. I hope that from now on, win or lose, the players make it a tradition to come over to the students so the fans can share the experience and build a team that other schools fear. You can’t have fans without the team, and you can’t have a team without the fans.

So from all of us hardcore fans, thank you Amarri!

Brittany Link is a senior majoring in mass communications.