Bulls prepare for Rutgers with short week ahead

It’s going to be a short week for the Bulls, with just three more days to prepare before they face No. 23 Rutgers on Friday.

Coach Jim Leavitt jokingly said his players probably enjoy the shorter weeks because they have to practice less.

“They do. I bet they do,” Leavitt said. “They practice less and then get to play sooner. That’s what they really want.”

Even with less time available for some key players’ injuries to mend, Leavitt did not seem too concerned.

Nose tackle Richard Clebert’s groin injury kept him home from the Kansas game Saturday. Junior Jarriett Buie, an Armwood grad, made his first career start in Clebert’s place.

“(Clebert) looks fine right here,” Leavitt said. “I don’t know. If he’s healthy, he’ll go.”

In addition, starting center Nick Capogna practiced Monday with a hard cast on his left arm, and defensive back Carlton Williams, who was shaken up during his first start of the season Saturday, were declared fine by Leavitt.

“(Capogna) is fine; he’s just fine,” Leavitt added. “There’s no break (in his arm). We just want to be cautious, just want to protect him.”

Leavitt also said longsnapper Ryan Bourdeau’s shoulder is sore since he left Saturday’s game and was replaced by Eric Setser. Leavitt said he was uncertain of Bourdeau for Friday.

The new and improved punting: With the punting struggling in the first three games, Leavitt had kickoff specialist Justin Teachey use a rugby-style kick that turned out to be effective Saturday. The sophomore came away with a net average of 41.8 yards per kick, and Leavitt said he may stick with Teachey or go back to traditional-style punting.

More TV: The Oct. 7 game against Connecticut at 7 p.m. will be broadcast on ABC 28 in Tampa and WTNH in Hartford, Conn., with the broadcast produced by ESPN Regional.