Take 5 with with senior linebacker Patrick St. Louis

Oracle: What was the craziest end zone celebration you’ve ever seen?

Patrick St. Louis: Probably (Carolina Panthers wide receiver) Steve Smith when he slid down the goal post like a stripper. That’s the best one in my book.

O: Who is your favorite player to watch in the NFL?

P.S.: There’s so many … Ray Lewis, Derrick Brooks or Roy Williams, mostly defensive guys, you know. Oh, and I like Troy Polamalu, too.

O: Who is the biggest influence on how you play?

P.S.: Stephen Nicholas and Ben Moffitt. I look at them, see how they train, see how they play and try and be like them. I try and make myself as good as them or even better.

O: Who is the funniest guy on the team?

P.S.: Stephen Nicholas. He’s slick; he’s crazy, just look at him.

O: What’s your favorite thing to do to pass time while traveling?

P.S.: Listen to music. I have a big old CD collection and I just like to sit back and listen. The CD I’ve been listening to the most is Rick Ross.