Flood cleanup continues

Workers used dehumidifiers and blowers to dry the soppy and soaked Phyllis P. Marshall Center basement on Tuesday, a day after a construction worker caused a minor flood by accidentally puncturing a water main.

Assistant Marshall Center Director Joe Synovec said it is still unclear when the basement – which houses the game room, the WBUL radio station and other offices – will re-open.

“It could be anywhere from two to six more days,” Synovec said. “We don’t anticipate hearing anything until (today).”

The Greek Life and Volunteer USF offices were moved to other locations to conduct their operations, Synovec said.

Workers also conducted tests on the drywall and carpets to determine the extent of the damage. Synovec said it is too early to tell whether any furniture, such as the pool tables or leather chairs, sustained any permanent damage.

“Right now, we’re worried about mold damage,” he said.

The construction company, Beck, will pay for the damages, but Synovec also said it is too early to say how much it will cost to repair or replace any damaged goods.

“We think we got in there fast enough,” he said. “We hope we’ll be OK.”

Running water returned to Theaters I and II after they were shut down Monday. But for at least three more days, water from these buildings will have to be boiled for an hour before consumption. The restrooms also re-opened.

The construction worker who broke the main was working on the demolition of the Special Events Center. Synovec said it took at least 45 minutes to stop the flow, and more than two feet of water emptied into the basement. WBUL will remain off the air until cleanup is complete.