Range of issues discussed in senate’s first meeting

The Student Government senate convened for its first meeting of the fall semester Tuesday night in the Phyllis P. Marshall Center.

The agenda included bills for the allocation of funds to the Italian Club, the Rugby Football Club and a resolution for the College Readership Program, among others. Funding for both the Italian Club and the Rugby Club were passed by a majority vote. However, the College Readership Program was tabled until a later meeting.

If senate approves funding for the College Readership Program, USA Today would partner with SG to bring 512 free copies each day of the St. Petersburg Times and USA Today to campus.

Other issues discussed at the meeting included a proposed transfer of funds from an interim account to a separate account to bring about more traditions on campus. Ideas for the money ranged from funding a more widely known performer for homecoming to helping fund the new Marshall Center building concept.

Every semester, the senate takes a vote of confidence to retain its president and pro-tempore for the upcoming term. By an overwhelming majority vote, the senate chose to reconfirm its president, Barclay Harless, and the pro-tempore, Nathan Davison. A vote was also taken to confirm Kayla Munro as director of Marketing and Public Affairs for SG.

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs Glen Besterfield was also on hand and spoke candidly with the senators about the success of orientation.

Besterfield said this was the best orientation program USF has ever put on, and he has high hopes that the trend will continue for future years.