Letter to the Editor

SG must move forward in the wake of corruption

Re: “First election stands,” by Chris Gardner, April 5

The election process this year has been, like all before it, long, dirty and bloody. But the voice of democracy came out for a clear victory for one ticket.

It deeply saddens me that former Chief Justice Kristina Lawrence is arrogant enough to think that everyone else must follow Student Government statutes to the letter but her branch is immune from that requirement. The impeachment investigation of her actions was not corrupt or political; on the other hand, it was the senate’s duty to investigate an official who had violated statutes, an official whose branch is asked to uphold the statutes in the first place. In the court’s majority opinion, not only did it push a remedy that violates statutes, but it denied due process to the current members of the ERC. If any entity should be seen as upholding due process, it would be the Court.

It is time for SG to move forward and start listening to students and organizations and acting on behalf of them once again. The senate needs to address the real concerns of students, such as tuition and the new tech fee being proposed by the state Legislature or the Master Plan.

Corruption is a serious, serious charge and should in no way, shape or form be thrown around lightly. However, I guess charges of corruption have their fruitful period in the spring. I only hope this period comes to an abrupt end and that hope and optimism become fruitful in the summer.

Barclay Harless is a sophomore majoring in history and is the SG senate president-elect.