Unethical behavior accusations withdrawn

Former Student Government Attorney General Daniel Miller has officially withdrawn the accusations of unethical conduct he made against SG senator Umer Ahmed at Tuesday’s SG senate meeting. In an e-mail sent over the SG senate listserv, he also notified senator Danya Shakfeh, who was tasked with investigating Miller’s claims against Ahmed, of the withdrawal.

Miller claimed that Ahmed submitted misinformation to the SG Supreme Court that was used as reasoning to request the removal of a justice from a March 9 hearing. He has now rescinded those claims.

“Umer Ahmed is an individual who I have come to respect over the time that I have known him, and I have not known him to do anything that he did not feel was right,” Miller wrote in an apologetic e-mail. “I realized this and understood his intentions of bringing his letter to the Court were indeed honest, and he did not knowingly intend to deceive the Court.”

The hearing in question is scheduled to continue tonight at 9 in Phyllis P. Marshall Center room 271.

The e-mail did not make any mention of the accusations Miller brought against student body President Maxon Victor or student body Vice President-elect senator Faran Abbasi.

Miller accused Victor of using his position as student body president to promote his band, which performed at an on-campus concert Wednesday night. The concert was co-sponsored with $24,500 of Activity and Service Fee monies from the executive branch of SG, which Victor heads. A&S monies come from a per-credit-hour fee charged to students enrolling in classes. Miller also noted that Victor plugged his band’s album at a prior senate meeting during time set for the student body president to update senators on progress made by the executive branch.

Miller accused Abbasi of the same thing he accused Ahmed of, which is providing misinformation in an attempt to remove a justice from a March 9 SG Supreme Court hearing, which is scheduled to continue tonight.