Radio station to remember murder victim

Ronald Stem did a lot for WBUL. Today, WBUL is giving its thanks.

Along with the help of Student Government, USF’s on-campus, student-run radio station is remembering the former DJ, who was fatally shot on campus in February.

The event is scheduled for 7 tonight at the WBUL radio station, located in the basement of the Phyllis P. Marshall Center.

Angela Granese, who works at WBUL and helped organize the memorial, said that even though she wasn’t personally close to Stem when he worked at the station from 2003-2004, his contributions changed the face of WBUL.

“He did so much for us,” Granese said. “He was amazing. He would go in front of (SG) senate and try to fight for us. He also took it upon himself to seek out the FCC and fill out paperwork to make us a legitimate radio station in the eyes of the FCC. We weren’t on their radar. He filled out the paperwork, and now they recognize us.”

WBUL plans to dedicate a plaque with Stem’s photo and a list of his accomplishments that will hang on the studio wall.

Stem’s one-time coworker and close friend John “Love Train” Johnson will read the plaque and say a few words. Stem’s and Johnson’s shows aired back to back on Saturday nights.

Stem’s former girlfriend Sarah Cobb will also speak, according to SG adviser Jen Brack, who helped organize the memorial.

“We wanted to get involved because (Stem) worked for WBUL, which is part of the Student Government family,” Brack said.

Under the moniker “Rockin’ Ron,” Stem spun oldies tracks during his one-hour shows.”He would use old Billboard charts as his playlists,” Granese said.

Stem was fatally shot on Feb. 9 in a parking lot near Magnolia Apartments. He was 57. No suspects have been named in association with his murder.