College Democrats meet candidate

Congressional candidate for District 11 Scott Farrell spoke about student loans, foreign oil, Iraq and civil liberties to a portion of USF’s College Democrats on Wednesday night.

“We’re trying to get all five candidates to come out,” said Maja Lacevic, president of the College Democrats. “After that we will endorse one of the candidates.”

Farell earned his undergraduate degree in history and political science at the State University of New York and went on to get his master’s in journalism and communication science at University of Florida. Later, he received a law degree from UF.

“Fortunately I have a good job now, because I’m still paying off my student loans,” Farell said.One issue of concern for students last night was in the future of student loans and a congressional proposal to cut funding.

“As someone who’s taken advantage of the student loan program, I think that’s a big issue for me,” Farrel said. “USF is the economic engine of this area, so it’s very important USF gets adequate funding. We need to create more high-paying jobs and more high-paying jobs come from having more smart people like the people who come from USF.”

Farell also spoke at length about the issue of oil dependency and said he would like to spend money something the Bush administration has largely ignored: alternative fuel research.

“There’s no magic bullet for alternative fuels, but there is a lot we can do to limit our dependence on oil. Drilling off the Florida coast is a joke because there’s not a lot of oil there; we’re just feeding our addiction.”

In December, Farell traveled to Washington, D.C., in a recreational vehicle that was converted to run on vegetable oil by USF alumnus Morgan Crawford to show Congress about other energy solutions.

Farell also expressed frustration over the war in Iraq, where for nearly two years U.S. soldiers went without armor, he said.

“I’m pessimistic this thing is going to work out the way it was intended to,” he said. “Eventually we are going to leave, but are we going to leave that place in better condition?”

At the end of the meeting, Farell encouraged College Democrats to get involved and talk to people about important issues, while a few students signed up to work on his campaign.