Receiver involved in dorm altercation

USF wide receiver Jackie Chambers was involved in a physical altercation in his Holly Apartment the night of Jan. 10, according to a University Police report.

The altercation was with 27-year-old non-USF student Cedel Thomassin. The two have been charged with affray. The State Attorney’s Office will decide whether to actually pursue the charges on the men. According to Sgt. Bob Finch, one of three UP officers on the scene, affray, which is another way of saying involved in a fight in public, is a misdemeanor offense.

Chambers was referred to Student Affairs, which will decide how or if the University will punish him.

According to the report, a window was broken during the altercation, and as a result, Thomassin received injuries and was taken to University Community Hospital.

“We were told (Thomassin) was banging on the window,” Finch said. “But I’m not sure whether that happened or whether he was bumped against it. But all we know is that he broke the window, and during that time his arm was cut.”

According to Finch, Thomassin had been staying with Chambers and his roommates. Finch said that Chambers had become unhappy with the condition of the apartment.

Finch said Thomassin was found outside of the apartment building along Holly Drive and that the officers administered first aid for “pretty major” cuts on his arm until EMS arrived.

He also said that UP made contact with Chambers later at the police station.Coach Jim Leavitt could not be reached for comment, and Athletic Director Doug Woolard declined to comment.

Chambers, a 21-year-old sophomore from Miami, was third on the team in receiving with 21 catches for 290 yards.