Summer’s trends fade to fall fashions

This season is stocked full of fabulous, glamorous items that all girls should be happy about. Designers are unleashing their greatest wisdom with the use of luxurious fabrics, embellished details and rich, sultry colors.

Black is back with a vengeance. This isn’t the simple black of the past, however. Detailed embellishments along with updated volume and soft, luxurious fabrics take the classic little black dress to a whole new level. Other colors of the season include rich jewel tones, such as ruby and emerald, along with deep plum, teal and brown.

According to, two old favorites are coming back this season with updated looks. Boxy jackets and military-inspired coats require the person who wears them to get into character. Boxy jackets are meant to be signature pieces, and the rest of the outfit should be coordinated carefully so as to not distract from it. Conversely, a military-inspired coat should be taken to the next level by pairing it with boots and aviators.

One new item designed for the season is the tulip skirt. According to, the bell-shaped curve is meant to accentuate a woman’s curves but may take some training of the eye to appreciate.

The Web site states that the skirt should always be worn with heels and should never fall below mid-knee. Also, be careful not to take this look too far. The shape of the skirt will be lost if it isn’t paired with a tight blouse. suggests many different places attribute to the style of the season. The 1960s are back with the re-arrival of big lashes and clothes that show off the legs. The western style is still in, but accents such as leather and suede along with a revived prairie skirt make it much more sophisticated. There is a definite Russian influence on designs, with lavish embroideries and lots of fur. Finally, London has its hand in the mix, donating influences such as high necklines and floor-length skirts to make a prim and proper look.

Sorry girls, heels are back. Summer was a nice break from painful shoes with the arrival of ballet flats and platforms, but to achieve the high sophistication of the season, high stilettos and pumps are necessary. Tall boots are a warmer way of attaining the same amount of sophistication.

Bold jewelry is still around from the summer but in a more simplistic way. Instead of having a band of bracelets or necklaces, pick one that is big, bold and striking.

The makeup of the season is also similar to that of the summer but has important differences. Bold makeup took a break last season but is back now. According to, red and magenta lips and smoky green eyes are a great nighttime look. Be careful not to pair them up together, however. Choose either bold lips with simple eyes or vise versa. For daytime, the natural look is still in. However, instead of a pink tint with pink blush and lip gloss, peach is chic.

With the changing of the weather comes the changing of the style, and there is so much to look forward to this season.