TAKE 5: with women’s soccer coach Logan Fleck

Oracle: What’s your favorite food?

LF: I’m very selective. It’s usually whatever’s on my plate.

O: What are you like outside of soccer?

LF: I’m pretty easygoing. Off the field I love competition. I’ve always had that. I cheer for the Eagles and watch them lose. I’m easygoing. I love to be a great uncle; I’ve got a little niece.

O: You’re an Eagles fan. Would you want Terrell Owens on your team?

LF: Yeah, I would. I’ll tell you why. I love comedy, I do. I’m a great fan of comedy. I think comedy can be used in such a great way to express things that maybe are tough to express in a serious environment. But comedy is what I love, and T.O. provides too much. I think that part would be fun as heck to have him on the team, but I’d have to have (Donovan) McNabb, ’cause McNabb’s bigger; he could protect me. I’m not as big as Andy Reid. We are not related.

O: You both have mustaches, though.

LF: Yes we do, and people probably make comparisons, but not me.

O: You’re a comedy lover; what’s your favorite comedy movie?

LF: Stripes would be up there. I like the comedians more. Like Richard Pryor back in the day, looking back at Eddie Murphy, and the new ones that are coming out. I watch all the comics. I love that stuff.

– Tony Marquis