Let’s all play the blame game

You’re young, so you won’t understand.

But the other elder members of society and I know that it is easier to blame others when things are going wrong in your life.

Like your crazy old grandfather who yells at clouds, it’s time to play the sports blame game.

The issue: The Oklahoma Sooners are 2-3, off to their worst start in six years.

Possible causes: Some are pointing to the oft-injured Adrian “All Day” Peterson’s sophomore slump. Others believe it’s the porous Sooner offensive line. Some think its quarterback Rhett Bomar’s inability to replace Jason White.

Who’s to blame: Bob Stoops. But don’t take my word for it. Take Stoops’. On Tuesday, he told reporters he felt that, “coming into the year that we would have been stronger and better than we have been. You can name a bunch of reasons why we haven’t been. Blame it on me. That’s fine.”

The issue: USF’s scheduling of men’s soccer games.

Possible causes: It’s hard to follow the logic of having a major sports team play its games on Saturday – unless it’s football. I’ve got an idea: Let’s schedule men’s soccer games when USF plays Miami, on the night Kanye West performs at the Sun Dome and during football’s Homecoming game against West Virginia. That will really bring people out. Scheduling men’s soccer games for Saturday is like ABC putting Lost in the 7:30 slot on Friday right after Hope and Faith. It’s not that nobody wants to watch it, it’s just that nobody is going to see it.

Who’s to blame: I’m not sure if it exists, but the USF Athletic Scheduling Department.

The issue: USF volleyball has one win this season.

Possible causes: It could be lack of head coaching experience for second-year coach Claire Lessinger, or the lack of fan support, or the lack of most people’s knowledge of volleyball (what in the world is a libero?).

Who’s to blame: People’s lack of knowledge of volleyball. The Bulls often feature a large amount of inexperienced players on the court. Injuries to key players such as Flavia Silveria have also set the team back.

The issue: Penn State is 6-0.

Possible causes: It could be that Penn State returned almost its entire ninth-ranked defense from last year. It could be that Joe Paterno is a legend and can still recruit. Or it could be that quarterback Michael Robinson is much improved.

Who’s to blame: Blame talented freshmen Justin King and Derrick Williams. Normally I would list their stats, but Bulls fans should remember the names.

Whether anyone agrees or disagrees with me, it doesn’t matter. Some might even be able to make better cases than me. You could even blame me for all these problems, or the president. Or you could blame it on the rain, yeah, yeah.