Free Tuesdays

Free food, music and novelty items are part of today’s Patio Tuesday event. The kickoff event for the year is held at MLK Plaza from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Chicken wings, potato salad, beans and dinner rolls will be provided by Wing Stop, with the accompanying tunes of WBUL.

Continuing the traditions established in the mid-’90s, Patio Tuesday is a free-for-all event that incorporates the three main components of a successful social event: food, music and an innovative activity. In past years, Patio Tuesday was a weekly event; however, due to economizing, this year the affair will be held monthly on the first Tuesday of every month, in order “to provide bigger and better entertainment for our students,” said graduate advisor Nick Rau.

With main intentions to “infuse our programs with more school spirit and more student involvement,” Rau said this year will be filled with exciting events allowing students to have an “informal hang-out in front of the Marshall Center, grab some food, break-up-your-day type of event.” The event uses the money granted by Student Government to CAB. By budgeting funds to a monthly event, larger venues with better catering and posh novelty crafts are possible. Some of the past popular events, including Build-a-Bear and T-shirt designing, will be featured throughout the school year.

Historically, WBUL has been the main entertainment provider. This year, CAB intends to open the performance factor to other channels of talent. Local bands will be featured as well as a DJ spin-off, according to Rau. Opportunities are open to all USF students via consultation with the CAB office.

If you miss the opening occasion, be sure to reroute class changes through MLK next month on Oct. 4.