Sizzlin’ summer shades

Like clothes and fashion, makeup and beauty have trends of their own. One season it could be all about covering up and the next it could be about taking it off. This season, it’s a little of both. There are four dominant trends of the season: nude lips, bronzer, bold eye color and colored mascara.

Nude lips and bronzer are all about looking natural and showing your real self. Instead of choosing a bright lipstick, switch to a light gloss. Glosses with a hint of color can really go a long way. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Web site, “Revealing the wholesome flesh of our lips in all their extraordinary incarnations — from pinky pale to deep, bronzy brown — speaks volumes without uttering a word.” If you have light skin, chose a subtle pink. Darker skin should chose a gloss with a hint of brown or caramel. If you have naturally pink lips, even a clear gloss will do.

These days, everyone knows the harmful effects the sun can have on skin. So instead of spending hours in harmful UV rays, just go to the store and pick up a bronzer. Be aware, bronzer is not the same as a sunless tanner and is not used for a major change. There is no need to worry about looking orange or fake with a bronzer. Bronzer can be a part of your daily makeup schedule and adds a hint of summer glow.

“It’s quick, easy and error-proof — risk-free, healthy sex appeal in one convenient compact,” said Cosmo. Sephora’s website, , has 11 pages of bronzers ranging in price from $15 to $35 and includes everything from spray-ons and lotion to powder. This product has become a must-have for the season and the more you use it, the darker your skin will get.

The focal point of your face should be your eyes. This is where you can get creative and colorful. Bold eye color and colored mascara will take your natural-looking face to the next level. Combining bold eye colors is a great way to get noticed. This season, turquoise, pink and purple are hot. Makeup lines such as MAC and Revlon have come out with a plethora of new colors. Cosmo recommends, “Instead of placing the dominant eye shadow shade at the outer edge of your eye, you blend the color from the center upward and over the outside of the inner edge of your eye, near the bridge of your nose.”

Colored mascara will put the finishing touches on attention-catching eyes. Bold girls can choose anything from blue to magenta for their lashes, while classic-lovers can choose a cinnamon or auburn.

“We just love the idea of combing color onto eyelashes — it’s whimsical, fun and unexpected,” said Cosmo. Almost every makeup line has added new crazy colors to their old lines. Whatever you choose, it will be a unique approach to finish off your bold eyes.

Combine this natural, glamorous look with a killer outfit and you’ll be ready to take on the town this summer.