Passing the Review is the ultimate goal

The Naval ROTC ended their semester Thursday with the Pass in Revie,. the final exam for troops of the 2005 semester.

“It honors tradition, heritage and history, and it marks the culmination of the school year,” said Gunner Sergeant Eric Hess, the assistant Marine officer instructor of the Naval ROTC.

The Pass in Review consisted of Buccaneer Battalion, the Naval ROTC on marching in a parade across the intramural field to receive awards and medals. The troops were reviewed as they marched by Major General John G. Castellaw, chief of staff for United States Central Command. He saluted the troops in approval as they marched past him holding the American flag, among others.

After the parade, the troops retired the unit Guidons. These flags represent the end of the school year.

Twenty-six troops received awards at the end of the ceremony. The prestigious Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal was awarded to Staff Sergeant Quezada. This active-duty Marine was recognized for giving scholarships and food to children in the Dominican Republic, using his own money and time.

This ceremony officially ends the ROTC semester.

“This marks the end of the school year and the beginning of the new year. Many of the guys are very excited,” said Midshipman Anthony Bomba.

Many of the troops are ready to move on to various activities over the summer. Some troops are going on a cruise, while others are going to summer school.

This Review brought an audience of proud parents to USF.

“I am proud as heck. He enjoys the ROTC program a lot,” said Kathy Fuzi of her sophomore son.