Leggo my Star Wars game

As bizarre as it may sound, it makes for a fun and interesting game. Picture all the previous Star Wars games, starting from The Phantom Menace, with all your favorite characters, even Jar Jar Binks. Now turn them all into Lego action figures. Even the classic Star Wars space ships are made entirely of Lego building blocks.

The force is always with you in this game that has a unique twist. You can use it as a weapon, but there are also puzzles that need to be solved to advance in the adventure, and the force is the solution. Early in the game, Lego blocks that used to make a tree now lay in shambles, obstructing your path. It’s up to you to use the force to put the tree back together so you can go along your way. In the few hours I played, not even for a moment did my mouth stop hanging open. It hasn’t registered completely in my brain.

The game stays true to the Stars Wars stories, with only minor inconsistencies. Fans will have a blast throughout the game while playing as Anakin Skywalker in Lego pod racing.

This game has an outrageous 30 playable characters, ranging from both the dark and light side of the force. Take a friend along on this warped Wars adventure with its cooperative multiplayer capability.

There are some things I was not pleased with, though, such as its sometimes-uncomfortable perspectives and camera angles. There are also inconsistent voiceovers, with some characters saying a few audible words and the rest of the characters remaining silent throughout the game.

If all characters had been silent, players could make their own voiceovers, as kids do with Lego blocks in real life. But these minor faults do not detract from the overall appeal of the game.