Bunny hits the books

She’s done it again. Playboy’s prominent bunny Pamela Anderson is nibbling her way through airwaves once more. The busty starlet is starring in the new FOX comedy series Stacked, premiering tonight at 8:30 ET. The 30-minute show is actually modeled around Anderson’s reputation, still a popular pinup despite failed relationships and risqué videotapes. It’s difficult to say whether the show will be as successful as Baywatch, but perhaps it will live longer than the villains Anderson defeated in Stripperella, her last series that didn’t even survive one year.

In Stacked, Anderson plays Skyler Dayton, a good-natured party girl tired of her crazy lifestyle of wild nights and bad boys. In search of a new start, Skyler hits the help books at “The Stacks,” a local bookstore operated by two brothers. Owner Gavin Dewitt (comedian Elon Gold) quickly stereotypes Skyler as another ditzy blonde lacking basic brain functions — the epitome of a superficial world he despises. But Gavin’s brother Stuart (Brian Scolaro) is captivated by Skyler’s goddess-like looks and immediately offers her a job. Skyler accepts, much to Gavin’s disappointment, and her new life begins within the walls of the simple bookstore.

The series stars a few recognizable names, such as Hairspray’s Marissa Jaret Winokur and Christopher Lloyd, who plays retired rocket scientist Harold March, one of the store’s regulars. FOX put the show under reliable direction with executive producers including Steven Levitan from Just Shoot Me and Frasier’s Jeffrey Richman. Let’s hope they know a thing or two about staying afloat with a former lifeguard.

In an effort to promote the show, FOX formed a relationship with Friendster Blogs, where more than 30 of Stacked’s crew and actors — including Anderson herself — posted journal entries about their take on the show’s production. It’s a little bizarre getting inside the head of a playmate, but then again blogs seem to be gaining more Internet popularity.

Rapidly approaching 40, Anderson is putting all her eggs in one basket with Stacked after both V.I.P. and Stripperella failed to attract any decent rating. The very limited actress may only be best remembered for her slow-motion runs down the beach where the camera wisely focused on her assets, and for the ridiculously bad film Barbed Wire, which can only be found at the bottom of Wal-Mart’s $5.50 bin. Stacked may very well be the last chapter in her book.