What’s your problem?

Maybe they were too excited.

That can cause a problem.

It can happen.

The tension builds up and overflows like water over a dam built by a cross-eyed beaver. Though sometimes there are no explanations to what can easily be explainable.

The players tried their best, but Wake Forest — the ACC bottom feeder — was too much for the USF women’s basketball team to handle.

Excitement can be like a drug, weighing a person down, ruining — tainting — them for the game that they need to play.

The problem is that a basement team from one of the toughest divisions in NCAA was not the Bulls’ problem.

They were their own problem.

Enigmatic is what the capricious Bulls became.

Too many fouls, not enough rebounds and no turnover points are the perfect ingredients for recipe to failure.

One side of devastating, hold the emotions if you can.

Sophomore Jessica Dickson was standing deep in foul trouble with ten minutes left in the game. Rachael Sheats suffered her sixth foul-out of the season.

Bright sides were not too shiny as senior Anedra Gilmore — in quite possibly her last collegiate basketball game — scored 16 points in her all-too-usual dramatic fashion. Nalini Miller finally told that hamstring injury to buzz off and added 14 points. Dickson also had 14, which became her second-highest total scored in the postseason.

Then the offense turns around with only eight turnovers. The Demon Deacons — and their silly gold-and-black top hats — had 19.

It’s strange to see USF be its own problem, especially on this hullabaloo-prone team.More excitement, more problems.

The team went out hot-blooded, with a fever of a 103, perhaps looking past a team that had an inaccurate record.

Wake Forest’s lie was that it was 3-11 in the ACC.

Everyone caught up on the ACC?

That’s the division, that little, out-of-the-way conference with five — count ’em, five — teams in the women’s Big Dance. Virginia Tech, Duke, Virginia, Maryland and FSU all had their chances to pound on Wake Forest, and subsequently, they did.

USF just pounced on itself.

It led in all categories that could have been non-problems.

14-2 in fast-break points. 12-9 in second-chance points.

Explain the unexplainable when a team has 16 turnover points on 19 turnovers and the game ends with another L — only the eleventh — in the loss column.

It can’t. It won’t

The women’s basketball team will return home today. The smiles gone. The hubbub died down, and the hot fuss as cold as ice.

Problems can never be explained.

Excitement can never be contained.

It’s too hard sometimes, impossible some other times.

The Bulls couldn’t fix their problems; they could only accept them Monday night at Joel Coliseum in the very northern, North Carolina.

The only problem now: How can they top this year?

The Big East? NCAA berth?

Some problems still lie ahead.