Parking spaces reallocated

Students returning to campus for the spring semester will be pleasantly surprised to find more parking available in the Collins Blvd. Parking Garage.

Due to the lack of use of the Gold Staff parking spaces in the garage, 68 new parking spaces will be provided for non-resident student parking.

With a rush of traffic in problem areas such as the library parking lot and lots near the Marshall Center, the new spots created in the garage will provide some needed relief. The new spots will lie between the second and third level of the parking garage.

“I think that we have strived to use our optimal resources to provide our students with enough parking,” said Manuel Lopez, Interim Director of Parking and Transportation Services.

According to the 2004-05 USF fact sheet, the approximate fall enrollment was 42,590 students. With the spring semester, that enrollment number should rise along with the amount of active parking passes.

According to the fact sheet provided by parking and transportation services, there are generally 37,000 active parking passes during a semester, or 87 percent of the students enrolled at USF. The campus itself has more than 18,000 parking spaces, including close to 1000 allocated to the Moffitt Cancer Center.

The projected number of parking inventory for the 2005 year should total 18,356, the most in the history of USF.

“I would say that our parking services ,compared to other schools in the state, and even out of state, is in the top teir,” Lopez said.