Peruse this season’s fashionable purses

Burberry, Prada and Coach, oh my! Purses, purses and more purses are seen all around town. From itty-bitty minis to large bags and backpacks, purses are no longer only used to carry wallets and makeup. They rank right up there with diamonds and gold in a girl’s heart…well, almost.

Just like wearing funky jewelry or a great pair of shoes, purses are another way to express one’s individual sense of style.

Since purses seem to be such popular items for everyone, we are going to break down this season’s hottest purses for you girls. And guys, read up, because the holidays are right around the corner and a purse is a great way to impress a girl with your uncanny sense of style.

This season, it’s the funkier the purse, the better. Purses are coming in a variety of colors and designs. From buttons to plaid, small to large, a purse is no longer just a means to fashionably conceal empty gum wrappers and old receipts.

Multi-pocket handbags are sweeping girls off their feet. Not only is there more room for junk, but it’s also a great way to organize necessities.

From Chanel to American Eagle, there are different price ranges and designs for your individual preferences.

Animal prints and alligator skins have always been a luxury for the members of high society and are once again a hot commodity this season. But, if spending thousands of dollars isn’t in your budget, try the less-expensive versions that come in suede and faux leather and alligator. They are a fraction of the cost and look stunningly similar to the real deal.

Heavy metal is no longer reserved for rockers and biker chicks because prominent metal details are adorning totes and handbags. Delicate, linked chain handles are also appearing on smaller designs. The lock-and-key design, like a diary lock, is a new fun way to keep things under wraps.

A casual approach to chic is the hobo-inspired bag. An alternative to the large “mom bag,” this design is flying off the shelves. Who thought moms would make a large purse such a fashionable item? It’s now cool to carry a large variety of Band-Aids, tissues and hand wipes for those messy moments.

Just like tweed blazers and belts, the tweed purse is another popular item this season. This purse comes in different shades of green, black and pink. These designs usually come in smaller versions that clasp at the top. Because these bags demand attention, it is best to wear solid colors so the different patterns don’t clash.

Barrel handbags are featured all around town in bright colors. These are not only fashionable also comfortable. They fit nicely under the arm and are still large enough to carry more than just the basics.

Those planning on traveling and who want to do so in style, but don’t want to sport the 1980s Disney tourist-inspired fanny pack, should fear no more because we have the solution. The newest trend is the slim-waist pouch. This is a delicately colored belt with a small matching pouch. The pouch is only large enough for a few items, such as a license and credit card, so travel light.

While we’re on the subject of traveling light, wristlets are a great item for a night on the town. Arms won’t be burdened with a large handbag, and many wristlets are large enough to carry cell phones and keys. And these wristlets are perfect for buying a designer gift without spending loads of money.

No matter the occasion or the cost, purses will forever remain a crucial part of a woman’s wardrobe.