Letters to the Editor

Resignation laughable, citizens are free to leave

I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that John Duddy, president of the College Democrats, had resigned from his position, withdrew from classes and has plans to move to Canada.

How disillusioned have these people become? The claim that America is now controlled by the extreme conservative viewpoint is spoken of like it’s something new. Have we forgotten the beliefs upon which our country was founded? Talk about extreme: We are a nation founded upon a belief in a Christian God.

I may not agree with everything President George W. Bush has done but he was a far better choice than his challenger in terms of our country’s base principles.

This is America. It is not Canada or Europe and it does not look to them for approval. Too many people died freeing us from that style of government over 200 years ago when we fought a war, of all things, to proclaim liberty.

Americans have spoken and the right man came out on top. If you don’t like this country the way it was meant to be, then you can follow John Duddy to Canada. They already have in place the style of government that the extreme left desires so much. I also hear France has some openings.

James Rigby is a senior majoring in music education.

Presidential election was not a football game

I am an unapologetic liberal; I show this with my actions and my vote. On Nov. 2, I voted for Sen. John Kerry because I voted for peace. I voted for Kerry because I think we would have won back our allies and done better for our nation’s unemployed, sick, elderly and poor. My vote did not go with the majority, and as difficult as this is to accept, I need to tolerate it because the healing needs to begin.

I often wondered what young students were thinking when they chose to be so right wing-oriented. I now see by their chalking, they don’t think at all. After the election, your president called for unity to all those who voted for Kerry. He asked for a healing process and some domestic peace. Yet you chalk after the election, “John Kerry is a terrorist.” And you chalk items about “W” that make this election seem like a football game, like you trounced your opponent in the last quarter.

This is not a game. Sept. 11 was not a game, and you show complete disrespect in treating it that way. In the next four years, should something terrible such as Sept. 11 happen again, we have lost every ally we need to strike back. We are alone now, and for this you cheer.

John Kerry is a good American who has done more for this nation than the man you elected. You call him a terrorist because he, like the majority of America, longed for support to go to war. So you have answered my inquiry with your childish chalking and your treatment of the political system. You even have gone against the man you so greatly admire when he asks for domestic peace. Now I know what you are, and the rest of the world does too.

Put down your chalk and pick up a history book. In it you will see that every military state, like the one your president has created, falls with catastrophic innocent fatalities. Perhaps after that you will see your error.

If that happens I know there is not one liberal who would chalk cheers for your fate.

Eljyn Reid is a senior majoring in gerontology.