Fall Fashion Finds

A soft, gentle breeze flows through the trees, and students around campus will soon be bundling up to escape brisk autumn temperatures. Fall is approaching quickly. With a slew of new fashions, we are here to break it down for guys and girls who want to stay both trendy and warm.

Bright colors are the key this season. Yellows, pinks and bold greens and blues are gracing the mannequins of the mall. And who said no white after Labor Day? White purses and shoes are making a comeback, and it’s no longer a fashion crime.

For guys, collared shirts and square-toed shoes paired with jeans and khakis are in all local stores.

Tim Boyson, retail manager at Express Men, said that long-sleeved striped shirts and low-rise boot-cut jeans seem to be the most popular items this fall. We know what you’re thinking: girls are the only ones who should wear low-rise jeans. However, according to Boyson, the low-rise denim is more comfortable and trendier than the classic cut.

By the looks of runway models and local men alike, pink is the new black for men. Pastels and pinks are no longer reserved only for women, thanks to fashion-forward men such as hip-hop stars Kanye West and Usher.

For girls, it’s all about tweed and plaid this season. And just when you thought your grandmother’s old broaches were lost forever in the bottom of her old trunk, they are now making a comeback. This makes grandma look more fashionable than she has in decades.

Pairing broaches with pastel or plaid blazers is featured in every magazine and store. Fitted corduroy jackets and trench coats worn over simple tees and tanks dominate clothing store shelves. If the casual look is not exactly your style, pairing the coat with a solid-colored turtleneck sweater is another way to spice up these popular jackets.

Bright-colored corduroy pants in blue, pink and white are also popular. Destroyed denim is still in season. Jeans with tears and rips are still seen on girls all around campus. These pants are featured with colorful scarves worn around the waist. The destroyed denim is seen with flip flops, as Rainbows and Reefs are still a popular investment.

Because denim is a popular item every year, blue jean jackets are no exception this fall. Instead of the acid-washed look of the ’80s, a more tailored look is now in style. Short, fitted blue jean jackets seem to be versatile in any wardrobe. They match well with jeans when dressing down, or with khaki or black to dress up.

Shirts for the fall are bright as well. Off-the-shoulder shirts are on all clothing racks and come in a variety of colors. The Jessica Simpson “look” is also stylish terry-cloth shirts fitted on top and flare out on the bottom. These shirts also accommodate to any figure and are are flattering and stylish at the same time.

Another popular fashion statement is the washed t-shirt look with funky sayings on the front. Shirts that say, “Idaho, no Udaho” or “Jesus is My Homeboy” are popular in stores such as Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Scarves are also a hot item this fall. Other accessories seen on jewelry racks are funky, eclectic jewelry such as pink and black plastic bracelets and chandelier earrings. Matching these accessories with pointy-toed boots has become popular.

Speaking of shoes, there are tons of new styles that are seen in the windows of local shoe stores and magazines. Feathered, heavy boots in colors such as pink, blue and tan paired with skirts or worn over jeans grace the pictures of magazines. A more round-toed shoe is now a hot item. Instead of the harsh point of high heels, a round- or square-toed shoe is popular when worn with long pants or jeans, so that the point juts out just enough to be seen. Again, bright colors are still popular, even on feet.

So we have broken down all of the fall fashions for you guys and girls. The clothing we have seen in local stores and magazines seems reasonable for any college student to afford and look trendy in as well. So don’t wait for fall fashions to pass you by, they are fun and affordable no matter what your individual style may be.