Letters to the Editor

Oracle news coverage biased toward Democrats

As a student of USF, I am highly disappointed in The Oracle’s reporting of the upcoming election.

The paper shows an obvious bias toward the Democratic Party. Sen. John Kerry and other Democratic officials (or hopefuls) are consistently praised by your paper and never shown in a negative light. However, it is quick to pick on the Republican Party and its candidates. It is a shame to see a university paper try to sway vulnerable college voters through poor reporting.

All I am asking for is a little bit more equality. Report accurately, clearly and without bias to one party or another.

Sarah Robinson is a senior majoring in dance studies.

Editor’s note: The news coverage of the democratic candidates was due to their appearance on campus or their connection to USF. If President Bush or other candidates were to speak on campus, prominent news coverage would follow.

Banning cars on campus for freshmen makes sense

I am a senior at USF and commute to school. Many times over the past four years I have had to park very far from my classes. First-year students who live on campus are very lucky to be able to bring their cars to school in the first place. Many schools across the nation do not allow first-year students to have cars on campus. I think this instituting this rule will solve a lot of parking issues, and taking the Bull Runner shuttle to classes is not so bad.

Ryan Benson is a senior majoring in criminology.