Letters to the Editor

Religious openessat USF commendable
Re: “Her faith in practice,” Sept. 14

I applaud USF and coach Jose Fernandez for supporting Andrea Armstrong in her decision to follow the Islamic dress code for women. I certainly hope that the NCAA will follow suit and allow Andrea to wear her long pants, long shirt, and hijab (scarf) during the games.

It is to be acknowledged that she is not requesting to wear something simply for rebellion or to show off stylish clothes. She believes, as well as the other covered Muslim women and men, that God ordered us to dress modestly in specific ways. For women it’s loose, non-see-through garments covering everything except the hands and face. For men it’s loose, non-see-through garments covering from the navel to the knee. These orders are to be practiced in front of the opposite sex along with lowering our gaze (this means you can’t “check each other out” no matter what you are wearing).

Lastly, I would like to point out a mistake the editors made regarding the article. While it may be difficult to discard previously taken photos of Andrea that are already posted in various places or floating around, it would make sense to not use a photo of her uncovered alongside the article after she has clearly chosen to wear the Islamic clothing. I take it as a mistake but it’s something to think about for future articles.

Jennifer Valko is a USF alumnus and manager of the Office of Orientation at USF.

Editors note: This letter was submitted before Armstrong announced she would leave the team.