Same-sex parents deserve place in society

When a Pinellas-Pasco circuit judge ruled against a motion Wednesday that could have taken two foster children away from two gay male life-partners in their 40s, it showed Florida has come a long way as far as acceptance of same-sex relationships are concerned. But it also served as a reminder that same-sex couples still are not allowed to adopt children, a matter that needs correction.

Judge Irene Sullivan not only ruled against the motion but also issued a heartfelt statement. According to the St. Petersburg Times she said, “I’m going to personally thank Dad and Daddy here for, in their way, stopping the cycle of abuse” and giving the two children, aged six and seven, a stable home. She even suggested other foster parents could benefit from tutoring by the couple.

The case clearly showed that good parenting has nothing to do with gender or sexual orientation of the parents.

Just as no heterosexual couple is alike, the same goes for homosexual ones.

To suggest that a same-sex couple is less capable of raising children purely based on the fact that they are of the same sex is, therefore, demeaning to their status in society to say the least. Laws that enforce such forms of discrimination have no place in the law books of any self-respecting society.