Letters to the Editor

Government does not pay enough of our tuition

I was disgusted to read the column by Adam Fowler in Tuesday’s Oracle. How does a college-educated person believe that the government pays “enough” of our tuition? Maybe I am biased because I am an education major, but education is the answer to so many problems. Education solves poverty, crime, hatred and I could go on and on. The government should take the money it spends on welfare and other similar programs and pump it into education. People who are on welfare shouldn’t be given a crutch by collecting a check every month. They should be given a free education so that they will never need that crutch to survive. Not to say education is the answer to total utopia, but a country of more educated people would result in a lot better conditions than we live in now.

Why do you think the government pays any money into education and offers free public education? It improves the economy and does the country nothing but good. We shouldn’t be thankful that the government pays what it does now; we should expect it to pay more so that those who decided against going to college because it’s too expensive might change their mind.

Jessica Lowe is a senior majoring in elementary education.