WUSF takes on new look

Today WUSF-TV, the public broadcasting station at USF, will go digital, offering four new channels of programming and launching a new station logo and identity.

Station officials could not be reached for comment Wednesday, but announced the changes Tuesday.

The introduction of digital television completes the digital transformation of WUSF, which began broadcasting digital radio in February 2003.

“Today marks a significant milestone in the history of broadcasting at USF,” said JoAnn Urofsky, general manager of WUSF, in a press release.

WUSF, Channel 16, will continue to broadcast its VHF on traditional analog TV sets.

The following new channels are available to those who have digital tuners:WUSF-TV/DT – a digital simulcast of the regular WUSF-TV programs. To see the program schedule visit www.wusf.org.

Annenberg/CPB Channel – a channel airing programs intended to advance teaching excellence in American schools. For more information visit www.learner.org.

PBSYou – a channel dedicated to providing educational programs for adult learners. More information is available at www.pbsyou.org.

Florida Knowledge Network – a channel providing educational programming for teachers and students in grades K-12. Visit www.floridaknowledgenetwork.org for more information.

The addition of digital programming, which gives listeners and viewers higher-quality reception and more program choices, was federally mandated and cost WUSF $5.9 million, which was paid for by grants and donations.

WUSF also introduced a new logo, which is intended to serve as a symbol of change and will be the brand image for all WUSF services, including WUSF-TV, WUSF 98.7, WUSF.org and WUSF Enterprises.

“The new logo is a tangible symbol of our ongoing commitment to serve our listeners and viewers better every day,” Urofsky said in the release.