Letters to the Editor

Thanks given for friendly USF faculty and staff

I firmly believe in giving credit when credit is due. As a transfer student, I came to USF in August of last year. This past year has been great, and much of the credit goes to the faculty and staff.

There are so many individuals who have impacted this previous year for me. From the staff in the Student Government computer lab to the custodians, professors and advisers, I have met so many awesome people. I would like to take this time to thank my new friends.

The workers in the Student Government computer lab are always perky and helpful. Long lines of demanding students could make one stressed; yet the pressure is not reflected in the staff.

Instead, they wear a smile as they greet the students and make conversation, even if their day is not going well. Rachel, the director, is to be commended for her excellent supervision in keeping the lab running efficiently.

Miss Forrestine and the other janitorial crew make sure the Phyllis P. Marshall Center is clean. If there was anything I ever needed, all I had to do is go to them and they were eager to help.

The services offered at USF have been a great source for student involvement. From Volunteer USF, to the Campus Recreation classes, I have had the chance to experience new projects, learn new skills, and meet several new people.

One last group of people I would like to recognize is the maintenance men and groundskeepers. The USF landscape is well kept and the flowers change with the seasons. It is a gorgeous campus and it gains beauty with each day.

There have been a lot of physical changes made in just one year. The new buildings and the renovations such as those made to the library really spruce up the school. The hard work has paid off.

It has been a great year and I am looking forward to the next. I have yet to meet a stranger on the staff; I could list so many “new friends” but it would exceed the word limit. Everyone has been pleasant and gone out of his or her way to help me pursue the best education, while filling my days with laughter along the way. For that, I thank you and I am proud to be a USF Bull.

Sara Spas is a junior majoring in mass communications.

Fight to make charity acts legal, don’t fight opposers
Re: “Arrests made for feeding the homeless” April 19

I think it is an outrage for anyone to be arrested for feeding the homeless. Soup kitchens and other public service organizations do it everyday and it is quite a noble thing to do.

However, if you are arrested for feeding the homeless or any other “act of kindness,” take a stand by fighting to make those charitable acts legal instead of attempting to make a statement by getting arrested again. The only person you are hurting by doing so is yourself.

Furthermore, why don’t the police do something about the starving homeless people in downtown Tampa instead of wasting the taxpayers’ money on arresting the kind people who are helping them?

Julie Frame is a freshman whose major is undeclared.