The Straight 2 Video Chronicles

Mimic 3: Sentinel

Tagline: Terror has been reinvented. To be honest, creature features are a regression to the campy ’50s and ’60s horror flicks.

Plot: Martin, a boy who lives in a bubble due to his imploded immune system spends his lonesome nights peeping into the homes of others and constantly snapping photos of the unsuspecting. A series of strange occurrences leads Martin and his doped-up sister to investigate strange disappearances of people in the neighborhood. What two siblings find is a government mishap that left giant roaches with a slightly raised intellect roaming the streets of New York. Forget killer spiders, huge ants or murderous birds because these roaches have a menacing thirst for human blood.

Best line: Martin is surprised that the mystery woman across the street, whom he’s been lusting after, is standing in front of him. “Oh … Oh my god, you smoke,” Martin says gagging and swiftly moving away from the first woman to show any interest in him. Apparently his bubble doesn’t just protect him from germs and diseases, and it’s also serves as a sexual contact barrier.

The real moral of the story: Roaches are apparently next in line to inherit the Earth once they finish off the pesky human race. And the point of the entire Mimic series has been that those six-legged, garbage dwellers are going to scatter and human survival maybe ultimately a dead end.