Student body must vote to ensure its voice is heard

There are approximately 34,000 students on the USF Tampa campus alone. Of those students, approximately 2,500 voted in the elections for student body president last April. Since a lack of voters is not the cause for such low voter turnout, it seems that the culprit behind keeping students from the polls is apathy. As the student body president is literally the students’ voice, it is imperative that the student body becomes involved in the selection of who will represent it.

Contrary to popular belief, the student body president does a lot more for the student body than make public appearances at ribbon-cutting ceremonies. He or she provides a collective voice for the approximate 41,000 students at all of the USF campuses when it comes to social, academic and administrative events.

For example, the president is a member of the Board of Trustees. And unlike the other members of the Board, he or she is able to serve on other committees. The BOT handles all finances that affect USF. So when students have concerns regarding a lack of budgeting or additional fees on their tuition, the president is the one representing them at the BOT meetings and voicing these concerns.

When it comes to dealing with USF administration, the student body president offers a student perspective on campus concerns and comments. Since he or she is able to be active in various committees across campus, the president can get involved in all aspects of student life, be it academic or social.

As indicated by the title, student body president serves as the head of the SG and of the student body. This, of course, includes the five agencies that SG is responsible for, including: the Homecoming Committee, WBUL, Student Government Computer Services, the SAFE team and Information Services. All of these organizations can be found detailed at www. .

If students really want their voices to be heard, they need to participate in choosing the representative who can go where they lack the authority. By voting in the elections, students will be showing support for not only the candidate who they feel best fits their ideal of an executive student figure but for the issues that matter to them as well.