‘Fun Card’ should not include adult oriented fun

After fliers describing the renewal process for former Busch Gardens Fun Card holders were sent out, patrons called the number provided on the back of the card and were welcomed by a recorded woman’s voice to the “Pleasure Zone,” a sex phone hotline. Allowing these fliers to be mailed, without them being fully checked, shows that even high-ranking companies in the business world can’t always guarantee that customers will always be provided with the quality service they expect to receive.

Gerard Hoeppner, the park spokesman, explained to Associated Press that the theme park inadvertently listed the wrong number on its marketing fliers. However finding out how many fliers were sent throughout central Florida is difficult, since Hoeppner was unwilling to provide that information to the press.

Hoeppner did say, though, that only a handful of people had called to complain, and the company will be mailing a letter to patrons this week to apologize for the error. According to The St. Petersburg Times, Busch Gardens can now be reached initially-incorrect “Pleasure Zone” number as well, where callers will be met with a recording directing them to the correct Fun Card line.

When dealing with a company whose name is as well established as Anheuser Busch, one expects more from the association than to let an incident of this type to occur.

“Frankly, what happened is there is a typographical error of a single digit. The fact is it’s human error. This is unintentional,” as Hoeppner put it.

It’s true that mistakes can happen to anyone, but a company with a respectable reputation that is involved in the community and advertised as having family-oriented attractions should be a little more aware of what exactly is being handed to its public.